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Kleinundplaecking Customer Experience Management

How do you become part of your customers’ life journey?
How can you become significant and inspiring and draw measurable profits from it?

The management of customer journeys is the art of letting the customer feel, at the right moment in his life, that he is understood and appreciated.

Three Questions:

• How do you want to become something emotionally significant on your customer’s journey?
• What approaches will you use to inspire the lives of your customers?
• How do you want to build a beneficial relationship that the costumer is able to acknowledge?

Three rules:

• Focus on the daily life experiences of your target audience, and not on the journey through your brand Brand Universe.
• Pay attention to hidden signals with insight potential, which can become key moments for marketing success. As is known, the Conversion Rate does not increase with the number of Touchpoints. Better less.
•Define the goal of your costumer relationship (strategic alliance, friendship, adventure) – and take the time to build it carefully. Avoid irritating digital automation and consumer pressure.

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