The Moderne Landwirtschaft

Changing the image of an entire industry

Kleinundplaecking Moderne Landwirtschaft


Brand development, target customer research, market and communication strategy as well as visual styles and digital brand representation for the “Moderne Landwirtschaft”.


For the Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft association, Kleinundpläcking developed the brand “Moderne Landwirtschaft” (modern agriculture) based on a new target customer profile and defined with “Unser aller Wissen” (the knowledge of us all), a huge and futuristic brand promise. Our task was not, however, merely to state the relevance of competence in agriculture, but also to stage it in a new way.

Kleinundpläcking thus created a completely new visual style. That visual language generated an immediate positive echo from the industry, and, together with a digital content strategy, became one of the main reasons for the success of the national dialogue platform.

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