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Two examples show how selective Proof Points within the Customer Journey are beneficial to the brand promise. Vodaphone’s promise is to merge cable and cellular offerings to the customer hassle-free. For example, if the mobile data volume is increased at no cost, while the cable connection is not yet activated. DHL makes their customer experience easier by offering scheduled mail delivery. DHL employees recently started calling customers if they are not at home. Often times, that makes for easy on-site solutions, instead of long queues at the next branch. This increases the customer satisfaction and decreases the delivery costs.

Both Proof Points are not lost in the digital blur, but experienced as distinct moments for the customer. This shouldn’t be taken for granted. Because more often than not, marketing still targets passive reception rather than an active experience. So, when looking at potential Use Cases, don’t get lost in the wealth of customer expectations, but rather develop targeted innovations that connect your customer insights with your brand promise.

On their key Customer Touchpoints, DHL und Vodafone focused on their brand promise and so improved upon their BIG index. Through independent Use Cases, companies can effectively bundle and steer product development, marketing communications as well as service and sales activities. Only through the successful implementation of individual Use Cases do digital business models become tangible and understandable. We guide leading companies in the digital transformation of their brand promises to create new products, business models, and customer value.

To do this, we bundle three parameters for success in our BIG Index (Brand, Innovation, Growth):

Brand Strength:

How well does the Customer Journey help the brand differentiate itself from the competition? Has it won over the customer emotionally?

Innovation Premium:

How well does the Customer Journey contribute to the product’s innovative ability to inspire the customer? Is he willing to pay more for this?

Customer Value:

How well does the Customer Journey encourage the customer to remain loyal to the brand? Would he want to permanently shop there?

If you want to know where you are on the road to digital transformation, please contact us. Take the BIG test. We look forward to meeting you.


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