Digitalizing the Brand

Twelve Years of Kleinundpläcking

Kleinundplaecking Digitalizing the Brand

„Good strategies are always based on a deep understanding of the target group. Only by remaining true to your approach and continually uncovering hidden needs, will you open the door to the hearts of your customers.”

Based on this belief, we founded a purely strategic brand consultancy twelve years ago. Ever since, we have had the privilege to assist leading companies from nearly all industries to keep an eye on both the competition and customers, or refocus their strategies.

We have developed key customer insights giving our clients strategic positioning that we have received recognition for in the past. Since the 2009 financial crisis, the call for new products became unmistakable. So, we decided not only to provide innovation management, but also to further develop business strategies.

Meanwhile, Product innovations are changing to Service innovations. Marketing, sales and product management in the digital age can only be understood and developed as a whole. With the shift towards digital, we also became sales experts. Now we think through new business models down to the level of process and IT systems. Brand Consulting has, step by step, expanded into Brand and Business Consulting. We are strengthening this development with our new managing directors Marc Herz and Philipp Lück.

Digitalizing the brand and Branding the Digital is the motto of our corporate clients who have innovation hubs in Berlin nowadays, while our Berlin start-up clients are professionalizing their brand management. Whether or not we think about your needs from a company or brand perspective:

Especially in the age of Big Data, everything we do has to target the heart of the customer.


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