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The most probable Headline of Lars Webers life is „He loves to think and write“. Starting with his studies and lecturing at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin this made him a creative brain for leading agencies and clients, among them Scholz & Friends and Springer & Jacoby.

As a founder and partner of agencies in Berlin and London he came to know and occasionally like the entrepreneurial side of his business. He is presently working as a creative mind and film director for German and international brands.

Having written several books he delays publishing them though – possibly out of mere lust and wantoness. Lars Weber lives close to Berlin but nevertheless beyond the pines. He has two kids and a passion for wooden structures, wherein his kids, his thoughts and the sound of his trumpet can fully unfold.


  • Freelance copywriter, film director and creative director
  • Founding partner Charlylima, Weber & Soltek
  • Copywriter, concept designer, director, creative director (AM Corporate & Creative, Brainchild London, Scholz & Friends Berlin, Springer & Jacoby, Scholz & Friends Hamburg, Lintas)