Change Companion / China


Martin Bürger, born in Berlin in 1987, discovered his passion for China at an early age. During high school he already concentrated on learning Chinese and participated in an AFS cultural exchange to Nanjing, China. As a result he spent one year attending a Chinese middle school and lived in Chinese host families.

After finishing high school in Berlin, Martin studied Business Sinology at the School of International Business in Bremen and participated in the Business Chinese study program of the East China Normal University Shanghai. In Shanghai he worked as Assistant to the Director at Bremen Liaison Office Shanghai and as Press Officer at the Bremen Booth at World Expo 2010, Shanghai.

Since 2012 Martin has contributed his expertise on China to various businesses. Furthermore, as Managing Director of Bürger SinoConsulting, he acts as a Strategy Developer and Crosslinking Agent following his strong focus on Chinese markets.


  • Strategy Developer and Crosslinking Agent at Bürger SinoConsulting
  • Mentor at The Academy for Empathy
  • Partner and China Expert at Gruppe 7
  • Guest Lecturer for Event Marketing at Berlin School of Economics and Law
  • Press Officer, AHK Greater China, Bremen Liaison Office Shanghai, Bremen Booth at World Expo Shanghai
  • Business Chinese at East China Normal University Shanghai
  • B.A. Applied Business Languages and International Management (Business Sinology) at School of International Business, Bremen
  • AFS cultural exchange to Nanjing, China