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Ping Qu is a professional in the cultural business sector. Originally born in China he now lives in Germany (and moves back and forth between both countries and cultures). Mister Qu is passionate about bringing together Chinese and German people and businesses.

Ping Qu was born in Chengdu, China and studied choreography. He continued his studies in Beijing as well as in New York. Mister Qu is engaged in the field of German-Chinese relations. He also employs the position as managing director of numerous successful companies such as the German-Chinese movie festival and the Chinese business house.

Since 2004 Mister Qu has been working as international advisor to for the province of Sichuan and supports international trade and exchange. Last but not least, Mister Qu serves as business advisor for German companies with the special focus on expansion into the Chinese market.


  • Coordinator relations between China and Germany
  • CEO China Business House
  • Graduate in culture business